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Ravindra Prabhat is a famous Hindi writer & New Media Person, connected with many periodicals. He is also involved in active writing in print media and his blog Parikalpana. One can discern a strong stream of nationalism, patriotism, and agony over the present situation in almost all his writings

Early life :

His birth Mahindwara village, a middle-class Brahmin family in Sitamarhi district of Bihar. He grew up in a small town in Bihar. His original name is Ravindra Kumar Choubey. His early education was in Sitamarhi. Geography Honours from B. R. Ambedkar Bihar University in Muzaffarpur, he later studied with MJMC From the Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University In Allahabad.He lives and works in Lucknow .

He is Now in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India . His poems, novels and essays have been included in numerous anthologies and translated into many Indian as well as in European languages.

Published works
Main Hindi Blog analyst’s & New Media Person Ravindra Prabhat,a regular blogger who has written Several book as HAMSAFAR(ghazal collection) Released in 1991. contemporary Nepali literature(edited)Released in 1995. Mat Rona Ramajani Chacha (ghazal collection)released in 1999.Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantr(Hindi Novel)Released in 2011.The History of Hindi Blogging Book released in 2011.In 2011 this is first evaluation of expression oriented book in Hindi Blogs world’s “Hindi Blogging: Expression of new revolution” was edited with awinash vachaspati.which has sold over 150 copies prior to publication, it is a great achievement in itself. It is published by Hindi Sahitya Niketan Bijnor. In 2012 Prem Na Haat Bikaay (Hindi Novel)Released by the HIND YUGM.

Ravindra Prabhat last two- two and a half decades of continuous literature in various disciplines are inforce. His compositions are published by almost all major Hindi papers in India and abroad – have been published in journals and his poems were compiled into a half-dozen popular poetry collections. A regular columnist for the Daily News activist & Jansandesh Times Hindi daily published from Lucknow.They respectively Defaults International Bloggers Conference New Delhi and Lucknow has grand event.He is also Chief Editor of VATVRIKSH (Popular Hindi Magzine).

Ravindra Prabhat is not also known as a skilled poet in blog world. but he has done some specific tasks in the field of blogging.In the year 2007 He started a new experiment in the blog world Through Blog Vishleshan ” he introduced several gems to the readers.In the year 2007 this chain started in the prose form.later on in the year 2008 this changed in the form of literature.and it came before readers in 11 sections.In the year 2009 he transformed this blog on a large scale and with different classification by means of 25 segments presented the details of main blogs. In the same way this work got carried in the year 2010.and completed the work successfully.In the form of 21 sequels he presented yearly blog reports of various blogs .To keep positive the sketches of blog world .Blog utsav is a successful experiment.With positive thoughts Ravindra Prabhat organised and presented for the first time the main bloggers of blog world on one platform. and other than that poets also joined Blog utsav .This has given a positive message in the Hindi blog world.”

Samvad Award (2009),Baba Nagarjuna Birth centenary Story Award (2011),Prables Blogger peak award (2011),Srijan Shri Award in Forth International Hindi Confrence Bangkok in Thailand,Sahitya Shri Award (2011)in Mumbai.

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